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In these stressful modern times, it can be difficult to find the peace of mind you need to truly relax after a hard day. But with this Pack of 20 Patchouli Incense Sticks with Holder from Cloud Nine Scents, you can easily find the calm you need to release yourself from anxiety and tension. The burning of incense is an ancient but potent tradition, and it’s undoubtable benefits have allowed it to survive into this modern age. By slowly releasing these rich, soft and vibrant scents into your home, these incense sticks are perfect for clearing your mind, helping to enhance your senses, sooth tension throughout the body, and ease the troubles of the mind. Whether you’re an advocate of meditation, or are simply interested in pursuing a more natural, non-invasive remedy to stress, these incense sticks are the perfect thing for you.

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A proven, natural method for relieving stress and invigorating the mind Helps to clear the mind and enhance the senses A simple, reliable way towards relaxation Rich, vibrant Patchouli scent Pack of twenty incense sticks

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