About Us

Allow Us to Introduce Ourselves…

We’re going to jump to some conclusions here; if you’re on this page, you probably have absolutely no idea who we are, what we do, or how we do it… and that’s perfectly fine. After all, that’s what introductions are for!

Welcome to Mostwished! We’re an online retailer based in the United Kingdom, specializing in offering our customers something special all year round. If you’re looking for the perfect present for the little ones this Christmas, we’ll be there with just the right toy to make their dreams come true. If you’re after something special for the loved one in your life, then our beauty gifts and jewellery are sure to suit your needs. And if you’re planning a barbecue this summer, we’ll be right there with… the tongs, I guess?

If you feel like you’ve read enough about us, then why not let our products do the rest of the talking? Check out some of our curated Collections here, and you’ll get more of an idea of what we’re about!

However, if you’re interested in learning a little more about what makes Mostwished tick, then by all means, read on.

Who We Are, and How We Got Here

Our story begins in the distant reaches of history, in a land shrouded with exotic mystery…

By which I mean, it was Northamptonshire, in the early 2000s. An up-and-coming property developer needed some urgent supplies to complete a state-of-the-art project he’d been working on, and so popped into a nearby shop to restock a few bits and pieces. After a few visits, he got around to chatting with the shop owner, and discovered that he was not just a retailer, but a wholesaler as well.

However, this new acquaintance had a quandary of his own; the wholesale business was flagging, and he’d been left with an excess of stock that desperately needed shifting. The property-developer suggested a solution; he would sell some of this surplus stock online, from the comfort of his own home. After all, what harm could it do to get a few extra sales here and there?

Flash forward a few years, and the online business was booming. Ecommerce was taking over the world of traditional retail by storm, and both budding entrepreneurs could sense the way the wind was blowing. So they ditched the bricks-and-mortar and the property development, and officially joined forces in 2009 to create a business partnership, that would make the most out of this brave new world!

The partners ran the gamut of the online retail business, from selling on eCommerce giants like Amazon and eBay, to dropshipping and wholesaling. Of course, it hasn’t always been an easy path to follow, and they had their fair share of failures as well as successes… but in the end, each setback was a valuable lesson learned, that shaped the future of our company.

Finally, in 2016, they set up shop in Northamptonshire, and Mostwished was created! It’s been a wild ride since then, as we’ve constantly sought out new and exciting products, whilst keeping an eye on the latest trends to rock the online world. It’s not always been an easy journey, but it’s certainly been a rewarding one; after all, what could be more satisfying then providing our customers with the top-level gifts they deserve?

Over the years, we’ve branched out as our business has developed. We’ve always favoured a close working relationship with our suppliers, so there’s always new products on the horizon. And we’ve even developed our own unique products, some of which have even become our best-sellers. Not that we’re bragging or anything…

…and, of course, we’ve always got our eyes peeled for the next big thing!

Our Mission

Here at Mostwished, we believe that there’s only one thing that really matters when it comes to online retail; customer experience. We’re as dedicated to providing our customers with a high level of service and support, as we are to offering quality products from trusted suppliers. Our small but dedicated team is always happy to go the extra mile for our customers, to make sure they’re satisfied.

We’re also committed towards working alongside a select group of suppliers and registered distributers, to source our products at a price that’s fair to both them and the end customer. We believe that working together is the key to making the most out of this business, ensuring that everyone gets a fair share of the profits, while you get the top-quality products you deserve!

Any Questions?

Congratulations! You’ve reached the end of the About Us page. We hope that you’ve learned a little more about who we are, and what we do. But if you do have any more queries, then please feel free to get in touch , and one of our friendly customer-service folk will be happy to answer your questions!

If you are a supplier, and you have a product you think we might be interested in, then check out our Become a Supplier page! We’re always keen to look over any new ideas you might have for us!